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Mihai Baluta-Cujba
I am a passionate software developer who escapes daily coding sessions by letting his thoughts transform into words on paper.

In theory, it seems like an easy task, getting the website going, selling products, and making money, but in reality, things are not that easy.

A new competitor really needs to stand out to succeed in a world with thousands or more online shops for every niche. So it would be best if you have an excellent business plan before starting your adventure.

There are many things to consider and plan depending on how you…

A comprehensive list of not-so-known free tools from Google that will help you grow your business.

We use popular products from Google every day, and some of us may even say that we can’t imagine life without it, but most of us do not take advantage of all the capabilities its apps offer.

Google provides a large number of tools that intend to help your business…

A step by step guide on how to send emails using NodeMCU ESP8266 wifi module and Arduino IDE

Most of the time, our Arduino hobby projects need to be connected to the internet to achieve their goals, and sometimes they also need to be able to send an email. …

A relatively newer yet lesser-known Github feature is available, and you should use it to create a Github profile that stands out from the crowd.

GitHub released some time ago a new feature that is still not used on such a scale that I personally believe it should. You can now create a README file that will be featured on your profile above your pinned repositories.

You can think of it as your personal documentation…

Most of us do not take even the minimum amount of time to think about our privacy leaving us unprotected against the attackers.

Social Engineering, as it is technically called, is a security penetration technique that takes advantage of the weakest link in our chain, ourselves. Using sophisticated techniques and emotional manipulations, attackers convince their target to give them sensitive information like credentials, banking details, and event access to their machines.

In order…

I’ve worked a lot with Xamarin in the past years, and in this article, I will explain why I will never use it again in my future projects.

Starting a few years back with my first Xamarin project, I was very enthusiastic and eager to take advantage of the full capabilities o the .NET ecosystem while developing beautiful apps for both Android and iOS. …

This is a collection of not-so-advanced Git commands that any developer should know.

As a software developer, I use Git on the daily basis, and from time to time, there is a need for more advanced commands to get things done.

I will present to you 5 commands that are good to have in a time of need.

1. Make changes to an unpushed commit

There are times when you…

A beautiful story of the coffee lifecycle from the moment it is planted until the moment it brings joy to our lives.

It all starts in a coffee plantation somewhere around the world, with a group of farmers on a beautiful day planting coffee beans in the so-called shaded nurseries. …

Environmental Awareness

We can only improve the world we live in by behaving ourselves instead of expecting someone else to do the hard work.

In a world that has become more and more polluted every day passing, we see all around us people that want to live in a better world but do nothing to help achieve that.

From my experience, some of us don’t realize that even small actions can have a significant…

A simple guide on how to build your own datasets by scraping the web with Python and Selenium

In the past years, more and more developers have started to be interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, increasing their usage in all sorts of projects.

As a developer who wants to learn more about machine learning and starts experiencing it independently, it's tough to find free and suitable…

Mihai Baluta-Cujba

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