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Mihai Baluta-Cujba
I am a passionate software developer who escapes daily coding sessions by letting his thoughts transform into words on paper.

Life experience sharing

This is not the ultimate guide to becoming a better developer but sharing what worked for me.

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A simple guide on how to build your own datasets by scraping the web with Python and Selenium

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I’ve worked a lot with Xamarin in the past years, and in this article, I will explain why I will never use it again in my future projects.

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This is a collection of not-so-advanced Git commands that any developer should know.

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1. Make changes to an unpushed commit

git commit --amend

A beautiful story of the coffee lifecycle from the moment it is planted until the moment it brings joy to our lives.

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Environmental Awareness

We can only improve the world we live in by behaving ourselves instead of expecting someone else to do the hard work.

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A poem

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No one should roam the forest alone at night.

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Environmental Awareness

We may not realize it yet, but without the bees, the world as we know will change, and that change won’t be a good one.

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